Terms & Conditions


The product known as SIG meme token (hereinafter referred to as the "Product") is a meme themed utility token project executed on the Solana network, provided by FRED Energy Ltd, a company based in the United Kingdom (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").

The website of the Product, along with other associated software, services, media channels, external websites, or applications connected to it, are provided to users under the following Terms of Service (‘Terms’). Your use of the website, purchase or sale of the Product, intermediation, and all actions related to the Product, including but not limited to associated content, related businesses, brand extensions, creation and sale of derivative works and distribution, automatically subjects you to the legal binding of these Terms, so please read them carefully.


1. 'Product': A meme themed utility token on the Solana network, used for project and future platform development, including providing low cost Small Home Solar to families in Africa via the Sol-bank project.

2. 'Digital Assets': The Company’s digital content such as videos and images.

3. 'Wallet': Software for storing, managing, and transferring utility tokens.

4. 'User': An individual who engages with the Company’s products or services and accepts these Terms.

5. 'Holder': An individual owning a Company token verified by blockchain transactions.

Important Notice:

SIG token (Product) Usage: The Product is purposed solely as a utility token to provide funding towards project and future platform development, including providing low cost rental of Small Home Solar systems. It is not to be used for payment or settlement. Not an investment, users acknowledge that no profit distribution will occur through this project. Acceptance of these Terms confirms user understanding and agreement that the Product and any associated Digital Assets are not recognised as "virtual assets."

Terms of Service Agreement

By accessing the Company's website, or using its products and services, users are bound by these Terms. Disagreement with these Terms necessitates abstention from using the Company's offerings. The Company may offer NFTs and physical items ("Company Products") for sale on its own or third-party platforms. Only individuals 18 and older may use the Company’s websites; usage by those under 18 is prohibited. Additional specific terms, if any, must be agreed upon to transact in Company Products. Transactions made through third-party partners are governed by those partners' terms, and the Company disclaims liability for any claims or damages from such transactions. The Company is not responsible for irretrievable payments or transactions made via third-party services. Company Products may also be sold through Auctions, subject to the Company's specific Auction rules. Revised Content Ownership Statement for Clarity and Conciseness:

The Company exclusively owns its website, encompassing all underlying code, databases, functionality, designs, audio, video, text, graphics (collectively, "Content"), trademarks, and logos. This Content is protected by copyright, trademark laws, and other intellectual property rights, and is either owned, controlled, or licensed to the Company.

Ownership Clause

The Product, issued on the Solana blockchain, grants full ownership to the user upon purchase via the Company’s website, through independent or affiliated contracts, or on Marketplaces. This ownership is inviolable; the Company cannot confiscate, limit, or alter the user's ownership rights under any circumstances.

Digital Content, Tokens and Trading Digital content acquired from the Company or through third-party agreements can be traded on external marketplaces, subject to those marketplaces' or the Company’s terms. The Company is not involved in and is not responsible for such secondary trading or the operation of these external sites. Users bear full responsibility for the use of these sites and any related disputes or claims.

Tax Responsibility

Users are responsible for all taxes incurred from transactions involving the Company’s digital content, Tokens, including income, sales, and other governmental levies.

Risk Assumption Statement

1. **Market Volatility**: Users acknowledge the high volatility inherent in crypto tokens and digital content markets, which may impact the value of the Company's products. The products should not be seen as financial investments, securities, or derivatives as defined by financial investment services and capital market laws.

2. **Ownership and Advice**: Acquiring a product grants ownership of that product. Information from the Company's website or referenced documents is not investment advice or an invitation for contracts. The website content is not an offer or invitation to buy stocks, securities, or financial products. The artistic products are neither regulated by any authority nor recognised as "virtual assets" by FATF standards or under the EU's proposed MiCA.

3. **Internet-based Currency Risks**: Users bear all risks related to using digital assets, such as technology failures or cybersecurity threats. The Company is not liable for damages from malicious websites. Users must navigate external sites with caution.

4. **Regulatory Uncertainty**: Users accept the risk of adverse impacts from evolving regulations on tokens, NFTs and blockchain technology.

5. **Network Interruptions**: Users accept risks related to operational disruptions or issues on the Solana network that may affect the product.

6. **Blockchain Transactions**: Users are responsible for the security and management of their Solana-based wallets and must verify transaction authenticity on the Company's website. Transactions on the blockchain are final and cannot be reversed or altered.

Risk Assumption and Disclaimers

The Company provides its website "as is" without any guarantees. It does not promise uninterrupted service or immunity from errors, viruses, or security breaches. Using the website is solely at the user's risk.

Product and Service Warranties

The Company makes no warranty regarding its products and services. All warranties are expressly disclaimed to the full extent permitted by law. The Company is not liable for damages related to the use of its products or services, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages.

Blockchain and Technology-Related Disclaimers

The Company is not liable for issues arising from blockchain technology, digital wallets, NFT and token transfers, or market disruptions.

User Acknowledgments

Users accept the risks associated with using blockchain technology, including potential loss, security threats, and market uncertainties. The Company bears no responsibility for these risks.

International Law Compliance

The Company's products or services are not considered virtual assets under UK or other countries' laws. Any disputes arising from this are not the Company's responsibility.

Service Availability

The Company does not promise uninterrupted availability of its products or services and is not responsible for service disruptions.

Third-Party Interactions

No guarantees are made regarding interactions with third parties.

Payment and Investment

The Company’s products or services are not to be used as payment methods, securities, or investment opportunities. Any such use is rejected, and the Company disclaims responsibility.

Technical and Regulatory Risks

The Company is not liable for losses due to hacking, security vulnerabilities, or changes in blockchain technology and regulations.

Technological Knowledge Representation

You assert that you are proficient in the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. You recognise and accept the inherent risks of technological and cryptographic systems, including but not limited to blockchains, NFTs, tokens, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, consensus algorithms, and decentralised networks. These risks may encompass system malfunctions, security breaches, and various technological failures that could lead to loss or diminished opportunities in the digital asset space.

Acknowledgment of Risks

You acknowledge the high volatility and unpredictability of blockchain asset prices, influenced by various external factors. You accept that tokens, including any Artwork, may have minimal or no intrinsic value. Market fluctuations could significantly and adversely affect the value of the token, Artwork, with no guarantee of retaining its original purchase value or gaining future value.

Terms of Service Amendments

1. The Company may revise these Terms at any time. Updates will be posted on our website; please review them regularly. No separate notification is necessary, as the website does not collect personal data. 2. Changes to these Terms will be announced at least 8 days prior to their implementation, including details, effective date, and rationale. Amendments affecting significant user rights or duties will be announced 30 days in advance. 3. By continuing to use the website post-update, you agree to the revised Terms. Disagreement with changes requires cessation of website use.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law

The laws of the United Kingdom govern these Terms and the use of the Company’s services and products. These laws apply irrespective of your residence or where you access our website. Disputes will be resolved under the exclusive jurisdiction of the UK courts.


These Terms and related website policies are the complete agreement between you and the Company. Oral amendments are ineffective. By using our services and website, you accept these Terms. If a Term is voided by law, the rest remain valid. The enforceability of these Terms is unaffected in other respects by any invalid or unenforceable provision.

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